Focus Areas

Web Technologies/Services:
  • Intranet and Internet Web Sites
  • Web Portal Development
  • Application and Network Security
  • Relational Databases and Mainframes
  • Web Services: Access Data from Legacy and Mainframe Applications
  • Commercial of the shelf (COTS) and Government of the shelf (GOTS) packages implementation

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence:

  • Strategic/ Functional services
  • Business Process and Gap Analysis
  • Tools & Platform Selection
  • Infrastructure & Source Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Technology services
  • Design (Logical & Physical)
  • Data Cleansing & Data Migration
  • Testing and Integration
  • Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
  • Implementation and sustenance
  • Web Enabled Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Archival and retrieval plans

Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

  • Strategic/ Functional services
  • Design and Development of Web Based GIS Solutions
  • Implementation of COTS packages including ESRI Tools


Systems Design and Integration

ITSI offers enabling technology services to assist organizations in leveraging technology to improve the flow and management of information both internally and externally. We assist Government managers, systems administrators and business process owners in identifying and implementing appropriate solutions for their specific organizations and circumstances.

Programming Services

ITSI provides a wide variety of services to assist organizations in all aspects of software development from rapid prototyping, to the development of customized applications, to supporting application migration from legacy to open platforms. Examples of our specific products and services are as follows:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Custom Applications
  • Migration.

IT Data Conversion Services

ITSI delivers a set of technical data management and development services that entail full life-cycle support for the development and implementation of data requirements for both small and large scale automated data processing systems.

Examples of our specific services that support data and data management include the following:

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Standardization
  • Data Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Design and Implementation

COTS/GOTS Integration and Tailoring

ITSI provides the evaluation, selection, initial configuration setup, and testing of the appropriate COTS software to satisfy customer needs. We develop all necessary APIs, data bridges, filters, and other “glueware” to provide seamless integration between COTS, GOTS, and new development comprising the customer’s system solution.

Internet/Intranet Applications

Developing HTML-based server applications with the capability to integrate with corporate and public databases. ITSI utilizes JAVA in the creation of platform independent applications accessible from a World Wide Web (WWW) server. We also provide expertise in the application of Web technology in the development of client/server decision support systems and other applications to support an internal corporate environment.